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Whitmont Press Litho

With our offset printing options we give our customers real value by providing exceptional quality for the print jobs that really make a difference to their business. We work with some of the most prestigious businesses across the UK, and with longstanding relationships, we know we’re doing something right.


What is offset/litho printing?

Also known as lithographic printing, offset lithography is a technique whereby an inked image is transferred to the printing material via a plate and a rubber roller. Ink is transferred to the paper via the plate which attracts the inks that are pre-loaded into the machine, and the non imaged areas attracts a water based film which keeps them print free, leaving the image that was originally transferred to a plate.

Why use offset/litho printing instead of digital?

Our Offset printing uses a B2 plate which is around four times bigger than an A4 sheet. Digital printing uses A3 and therefore is a process more commonly used for shorter print runs. Due to the larger sheets used for offset/litho printing, it is possible to turn out high volumes of print, at exceptional quality and this is why larger jobs are often completed using this technique.

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